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About our company

Laris is an experienced company known as the leader of domestic market specializing in manufacturing of high-quality products from stainless steel. It designs, develops and sells towel dryers (electric and water), pool equipment (cascades, steps, handrails) and the storage tanks used in the food industry.

Due to our 15 years of experience in manufacturing towel dryers, we succeeded to develop a wide model range of products that are popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad. In addition to it, the list of products we offer is always in the process of renewal. Our commodities are notable for effective design decisions, high quality materials and absolute solidity and durability.

Water towel dryers from Laris meet all the international standards and technical requirements, while being adjusted to the domestic water supply conditions. All the model range of products meet the highest quality standards, as we use the best brands of stainless steel, the modern professional equipment and new technologies for manufacturing process.

TM Laris pays great attention to the safety and solidity of all its products. That’s why before the towel dryers appear at the market, they are thoroughly tested and examined, e.g. for high pressure resistance, polishing quality and joint paring. In case of electric products tests for electrical safety is required.

The main characteristics of products by TM Laris are the following:

  • A unique wide model range of more than 250 items and dimension types;
  • Modern appearance;
  • Great quality characteristics;
  • Comfort and reasonable prices.

Due to our strong professional production base we can use utilities of our own development and design. As a result, the installation of towel dryers become easier and the products obtain aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Another important thing to mention is that we posses our own manufacturing and warehouse assets. It means we can quickly meet any buyer’s wish, providing the necessary products from high quality stainless steel.

Today Laris company:

  • Constantly modernizes and upgrades its models of towel dryers and design heaters, increases their retail and wholesale volumes;
  • Manages wholesale distribution of imported high quality stainless metal-roll in Ukraine;
  • Develops and manufactures products with the usage of the latest design solutions;
  • Fills individual orders due to the high-capacity of our custom shop;
  • Has solidary team of more than 200 professional specialists;
  • Owns a distribution network in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Baltic states, the Netherlands and Germany.