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About our products

Laris offers you a wide model range of modern electric and water towel dryers which includes more than 40 items. We’ve achieved this great variety of high quality products due to the latest technologies we use, balanced control system and a top-class manufacturing process.

Towel dryers by TM Laris are the products of a new generation, which are known for a modern design, durability, perfectly polished surfaces and great usability.  Our output is characterized not only by a unique style, but also by the high level of functionality in all types of bathrooms and kitchens.

The great variety of our product range allows us to comply with the requests from our hardest-to-please consumers. Laris’ output combines high quality, reasonable prices and top consumer characteristics. As a result, a buyer with any level of profit can easily find the product which will become the real decoration of the interior and provide warmth and comfort.

Water towel dryers

Water towel dryers from TM Laris are adjusted to all the technological peculiarities of the domestic hot water supply. These products are resistant to sharp pressure drop and negative influence of the water with non-standard chemical characteristics.

Electric towel dryers

Electric towel dryers made by Laris provide the possibility to control and adjust the heating temperature in any moment, regardless of the season and the work of community facilities. The wide model range of the products allows you to choose the most suitable variant for all premises. Moreover, all clients’ individual requests will be also fulfilled. In addition to it, our specialists can offer you the installation of a usual coil or a unique designer’s heater.

The materials we use

For manufacturing towel dryers Laris uses only high quality stainless steel AISI 304, provided by the best European companies.  It helps us create products of exceptional solidity, anticorrosion and fire-resistant usability characteristics.

We use corrosion-resistant tube and the latest laser technology for welding it. Thereby we achieve the necessary solidity and hermeticity of the welds. Besides, our specialists always use ultrasound scanning during the welding process in order to find all possible defects and hidden damages. And finally the quality of welds is guaranteed by the last production test under the pressure of more than 30 atm. It helps us avoid the leakage after the hydraulic shock.

The width of a pipe

When manufacturing towel dryers it’s extremely important to pay attention to the pipe’s width. In order to observe the safety parameters the company uses steel of the following width:

  • for stands – 2mm;
  • for shunt pipes – 1,5mm.

Our company consistently upgrades the manufacturing process in order to control the production quality and keep it at the necessary level. We use the latest equipment for producing towel dryers and we always observe the technological regulations.

The leakage in a joint is impossible due to the special treatment of the pipe’s flat end. Electrolytic-plasma technology of stainless steel polishing create perfectly smooth mirror surface. As a result, the material doesn’t lose its lustre during the whole operating period – it acquires even spectacular glitter.

Warranty policy

Each towel dryer made by Laris has the original warranty for the certain term:

  • 10 years (for isolated system);
  • 3 years (for central heating system and hot water supply).

In addition to providing the necessary warranty, we offer you insurance policies against risks connected with the towel dryers operation in household use. In other words, if you buy our products you can be sure they are of the highest quality.

Quality parameters control at each technological stage

All our towel dryers pass the double-check quality control. At first right after the welding the product is tested by high internal pressure. Then, before packing and delivering it undergoes another pressing test so the defect products sale is absolutely impossible.

Packaging and furnishing

Laris pays great attention to packaging that allows deliver products to our consumers in perfect tune. Here are some of the main methods we use in order to achieve this goal:

  • All products are packed in polyethylene and corrugated box;
  • Each towel dryer has its own technical dossier, components kit and support fixings, delivered in the same package as the product.