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Какая толщина вашего полотенцесушителя?

толщина трубы полотенцесушителяНа кухне или в ванной комнате трудно обойтись без очень важного аксессуара – полотенцесушителя, который позволяет не только подсушивать влажные банные принадлежности и полотенца, но и обогревать помещение. Современный рынок предлагает большой перечень подобных изделий с различными дизайнерскими решениями и техническими характеристиками. На что же следует обратить внимание в первую очередь, приобретая полотенцесушитель?

Основным элементом данной продукции является согнутая, в зависимости от  конкретного дизайнерского решения, труба из стали или другого металла, по которой течет нагретый теплоноситель (вода, антифриз).  Таким образом, основным параметром, определяющим качество этого аксессуара, являются характеристики материала самой трубы.

The assortment of stainless pipes

The assortment of stainless pipesOne of the most frequently used wholesale stainless steel is metal-roll pipes. It’s used in many sectors of national economy and solves the most difficult production and household tasks. This is the reason why the assortment of tubular goods, their sizes and shapes come in numerous variants.

Corrosion-resistant tubes and pipes are used for transportation of different corrosive substances – gas or liquid. That’s why they are frequently used in manufacturing sectors, utilities systems and households. Besides, tubular goods are also used during installation and construction works.

Types of stainless metal-roll

Types of stainless metal-rollThis valuable technological material – stainless steel – is a metal alloy of iron and different additional components, which help obtain the anticorrosion resistance. The main component is chrome, and the increase of its proportion in the alloy can raise the resistance of material to the environment. In addition to chrome, other valuable elements are used for manufacturing stainless metal-roll – cobalt, molybdenum, nickel etc.

Manufacture and use of stainless steel

Manufacture and use of stainless steelMetal-roll wholesale is one of the most common types of business activity in metallurgy. Companies and dealers sell products from metal, they often provide packaged supply, offering wide range of items. In the same time, there’s a special share at the market for firms with focused specialization, which sell one or several certain types of metal-roll.

The most common kind of metal-roll is stainless flat steel. Great turnover of this product can be explained by its relative affordability. Metal-roll wholesale is used for manufacturing steel constructions in building sector, heavy or light engineering. Due to the latest technology of manufacturing steel flat work we can significantly increase qualitative and operating characteristics of the products.