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Types of stainless metal-roll

Types of stainless metal-rollThis valuable technological material – stainless steel – is a metal alloy of iron and different additional components, which help obtain the anticorrosion resistance. The main component is chrome, and the increase of its proportion in the alloy can raise the resistance of material to the environment. In addition to chrome, other valuable elements are used for manufacturing stainless metal-roll – cobalt, molybdenum, nickel etc.

Modern metallurgy produces several types of stainless metal-roll:
 - Circle;
 - Sheet;
 - Pipes of different profiles;
 - Straps and ribbons, wires, angles and hexagons.

Stainless circle is sorted metal-roll from alloy steel with a cross section of a circular shape. It’s produced with the help of hot rolling or metal calibration. As a rule, this stainless metal-roll is used in food, medical, paper making industry and machinery.

Flat steel is a product with a plane section. It can be produced with the help of hot or cold rolling method. This material is highly resistant to corrosion. In addition to it, it can be lackluster or mirror surfaced. Flat steel is made from technical or food stainless steel.

This material is used for manufacturing details with the help of blanking. Moreover, flat steel is often used for producing containers for chemical and food industry (e.g. pipes of various diameters), and also oil and gas sector.

Stainless pipe metal-roll is a common type of metallurgic product. It has unique characteristics – high durability, great usability and strength. Pipes can easily undergo welding and machine work. Due to new materials the possibilities of using this type of metal-roll are constantly increasing.

Stainless metal-roll straps are often used in machinery manufacturing, food and chemical industry, for producing pipes, angles and channel beams.